Please Note: We do not take in owner surrender cats but instead will offer to help people keep their own cat by giving behavioral advice or to courtesy post them on our website. We would like to help people keep their own cats as there are already too many that are homeless. If you are attempting to rehome a kitty currently in your care, please visit this link which will give you some excellent suggestions for placing yourcat. We focus our efforts at helping the cats that most need rescue, mainly those that are scheduled to be euthanized at shelters and can not fend for themselves





Introducing...Titus!  Our featured cat!


Titus is a great special needs boy who has been in rescue since he was kitten over 2 years ago! He has a droppy eye that does impact his vision, his eye will always water and he likely sneeze on and off his entire life.  Titus was rescued from an animal shelter along with his siblings and mom. They were very sick at the time. Everybody recovered nicely and was placed into an adoptive home. Everyone, that is, except Titus. He continued to sneeze, sniffle, snort for many months. Always a soft hearted giant, Titus allowed us to dispense many different medications including many different herbal and alternative medicines. Finally, we brought Titus to a holistic vet that we consult with, Dr. Anne Rice, The Visiting Vet. She put Titus on the right path to recovery with eastern medicine philosophies and with some help from Titus himself, we began a new treatment regimine for him. We are happy to say that Titus is finally doing better and is maintaining well. He is on an all raw diet and herbal supplements.. Titus is a kitty that will need to be adopted by someone with a holistic mindset themselves. He will benefit from having the care of a holistic minded vet therefore too.  we are recommending for Titus to not have any vaccinations given his delicate nature In foster care in Jackson MI.   He has been fostered with both dogs and cats and get along with everyone.



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