Please Note: We do not take in owner surrender cats but instead will offer to help people keep their own cat by giving behavioral advice or to courtesy post them on our website. We would like to help people keep their own cats as there are already too many that are homeless. If you are attempting to rehome a kitty currently in your care, please visit this link which will give you some excellent suggestions for placing yourcat. We focus our efforts at helping the cats that most need rescue, mainly those that are scheduled to be euthanized at shelters and can not fend for themselves





Introducing...Phoebe!  Our featured cat!

images/stories/img_4749 phoebe web.jpg

Phoebe is a great girl!  Phoebe is about 1 years old.  She is a very petite little girl, short legs, stocky build and Very Sweet.  She is a lover, loves to be petted, purrs like crazy and is happy to share your bed!  She likes to play with her toys, she carries them around like kittens and meows.   Not a counter cruiser at all, she like to find the hidey spots for a nap. She does not like dogs very much.  She seems OK with most cats as long as they are not too in her face.  If they are intruding too much, she will hiss and let them know it is too much. We have her listed as special needs as she at some point early in her life had a broken back.  It is healed and gives her no trouble but want to disclose the previous break.  We found out when we got her from a hoarder situation she was pregnant and when we had some Xrays done of her pregnancy it was discovered her break had a healed fracture.   Her left eye will sometimes water a bit, but is fine a few hours later.






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